Boundaries of Participation



Emneord (Nøkkelord):

Theatre, Audience participation, Democracy, Cultural policy, Participatory turn, Socially engaged art, Political theatre


In this essay I explore three questions central in the current discourse on audience participation in theatre and performance. First, what do we mean when we talk about participation, and who is it really for? Second, are expectations that participation represents a democratization of the arts realistic, or is this an aspect of interactive and participatory theatre projects that is over-emphasized? And finally, how has critique against neoliberalist ideology come into the current discourse, and how relevant is this critique in the Norwegian context? I will not go into theoretical discussions on definitions and models of participation and interaction, or if theatre is always already participatory. Instead, I will focus on the ideals that are regularly attributed to participation, and the critique against participatory practices that have surfaced during the last decade.




Hvordan referere

Berg, Ine Therese. 2022. «Boundaries of Participation». Teatervitenskapelige Studier, nr. 6 (oktober):19-26.