Moved to Connect


  • Chris Cooper



This article explores the relationship between self and society and how society is reflected in the self, whether we like it or not. It examines the natures of interactivity and participation in theatre and drama with and for children and young people through the power of story at a time when the crisis of culture makes it difficult to be present in our lives because we are so distracted. It calls for a unity of form and content that examines the political in the social and the personal by enacting human experience to create an event in us rather than an empty effect. It is through this kind of dramatic engagement that we can avoid distraction and participate authentically in our lives and be moved to connect with the world and each other and explore that relationship between self and society. 





Hvordan referere

Cooper, Chris. 2022. «Moved to Connect». Teatervitenskapelige Studier, nr. 6 (oktober):27-36.