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Volume 12 (2014) edited by Ilja A. Seržant & Björn Wiemer

Contemporary Approaches to Dialectology: the Area of North, Northwest Russian and Belarusian Dialects

August 9, 2014
Volume number (14)
Volume 14 (2023), edited by Maria Hristova, Alyssa DeBlasio, Irina Anisimova

Energy/Waste: Approaches to the Environment in Post-Soviet Cultures

Maria Hristova (ed), Alyssa DeBlasio (ed), Irina Anisimova (ed)
March 6, 2023
Volume 9 (2009) edited by Ingunn Lunde and Martin Paulsen

From Poets to Padonki: Linguistic Authority and Norm Negotiation in Modern Russian Culture

March 13, 2017
Volume 6 (2006) edited by Ingunn Lunde & Tine Roesen

Landslide of the Norm: Language Culture in Post-Soviet Russia

March 6, 2017
Volume 8 (2007) by Jostein Børtnes

The Poetry of Prose: Readings in Russian Literature

Jostein Børtnes
March 8, 2017
Volume 3 (1999) edited by Ole-Jacob Abraham & Ørjan Leren

Samveldet av uavhengige stater: en historisk, politisk og kulturell oversikt

May 30, 2017
Volume 10 (2012) by Vera Zvereva

Setevye razgovory: kul’turnye kommunikatsii v Runete

Vera Zvereva
March 10, 2017
Volume 7 (2007) by Knut Andreas Grimstad

Styling Russia: Multiculture in the Prose of Nikolai Leskov

Knut Andreas Grimstad
March 6, 2017
volume number (13)
Volume 13 (2020) edited by Irina Anisimova & Ingunn Lunde

The Cultural is Political: Intersections of Russian Art and State Politics

December 29, 2020