Energy/Waste: Approaches to the Environment in Post-Soviet Cultures


Maria Hristova (ed)
Lewis and Clark College
Alyssa DeBlasio (ed)
Dickinson College
Irina Anisimova (ed)
University of Bergen


energy; waste; environment; Ukraine, Kazakhstan; Russia; cultural studies


This volume investigates representations of energy and waste in post-Soviet cultures. The contributors analyze how post-Soviet societies reinterpret and reimagine not only their role in energy use and waste management, but also their relationship to the Soviet legacy of large-scale environmental changes, pollution, and resource exploitation. By examining how categories of energy and waste are expressed and made visible through discourse, literature, film, art, and other modes of cultural production, the book aims to nuance and enrich environmental approaches in scholarship on the post-Soviet world. The volume’s interdisciplinary chapters highlight the distinctive trajectories of post-Soviet countries’ approaches to environmental regulation and representation in the last three decades.


Volume number (14)



March 6, 2023

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