Variations among Students’ Experiences of Learning to Counsel

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Paulsen, M., & Aubert, A.-M. (2019). Variations among Students’ Experiences of Learning to Counsel. Nordisk Tidsskrift I Veiledningspedagogikk, 4(1), 35–49.


We explored students’ experiences of learning in a part-time, two-year counseling course (60 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System [ECTS] credits). We wanted to know if there were any systematic variations among individual experiences — if so, what kinds of patterns characterized the variations and how to understand the patterns. We applied the Q method, in which 22 out of 23 participants shared their experiences. Our key findings emerged in three factors. We interpreted and named them F1: building effective counseling relationships is fundamental, F2: the entirety of the course, and F3: self-development. We discuss the factors from theory of counselors’ professional development. The knowledge may support students and teachers in their awareness of what is the important aspects of counselor development. From a subject-didactic perspective, the study informs readers on how to implement a curriculum for a part-time counseling course.

Opphavsrett 2019 Mårten Kae Paulsen, Anne-Marie Aubert

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