About the Journal

The Bryggen Papers book series is a flexible peer reviewed publication channel for research on the Middle Ages in Norway and it’s international context. The series is multi-disciplinary as well as cross-disciplinary and addresses the Middle Ages in a broad sense temporally and geographically. The editorial board warmly welcomes proposals for full presentations of basic studies as well as general and interdisciplinary analysis, both in the format of monographs and anthologies. You can read more about the history of The Bryggen Papers below.

Peer Review Process

All submitted manuscripts will be subject to initial appraisal by the editorial group, and if accepted for further consideration, peer reviewed by a single blind process. Only papers in English will be accepted. Submissions is online. See Author Guidelines for details. 


The Bryggen Papers is indexed in The Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers 


Published by The University Museum of Bergen and The Faculty of Humanities, University of Bergen

Hosted by Bergen Open Access Publishing 

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Volumes in stock:

The Bryggen Papers Main Series:

Vol. 4 (1992) Arne J. Larsen: Footwear from the Gullskoen Area of Bryggen

Vol. 5 (2004) Ole Mikal Olsen and Helge Sørheim: Medieval Fishing Tackle from Bergen

Vol. 7 (2007) Sigrid Samset Mygland: Children in Medieval Bergen - An Archaeological Analysis of Child-related Artefacts

The Bryggen Papers Supplementary Series:

No. 1 (1984) Studies on the earliest farm settlement, the first built-up area along the shore, animal hair products, coins and seal jugs.

No. 3 (1988) Brewing, cordage products, sound tolls and music

No. 4 (1989) The Bryggen Pottery 1

No. 5 (1994) The Bryggen Pottery 2

No. 6 (1998) The Medieval Fires in Bergen - Revisited

No. 8 (2009) Osteoarchaeological Analyses from Medieval Bergen

No. 9 (2013) 'Small Things Forgotten'

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History of the Book Series

The Bryggen Papers was established during the 1970’s as UIB’s scientific, international book series presenting the archaeological finds from the excavations at the German Wharf Bryggen in Bergen (1955 – 1968). Bryggen was the commercial center of the old Norwegian capital. The series had two strands: The Main Series for monographs, and The Supplementary Series for thematic anthologies. The first volume of Bryggen Papers was published in 1984. During the 1980’s and 1990’s the series expanded its profile thematically and geographically, but still with archaeology and material culture of medieval Bergen as pivotal point. The profile was multi-disciplinary with contributors from archaeology as well as related disciplines within the humanities and natural sciences. By 2013 eight volumes of The Bryggen Papers Main Series and nine volumes of the The Bryggen Papers Supplementary series had been published.

In 2016 the current editorial board was appointed, and it was decided that the series should be updated as regards profile and publication platform. As of 2020 The Bryggen Papers is the brand and name of a non-commercial book series for research on the Middle Ages, and is part of the collaboration within The Medieval Research Cluster. The thematic, temporal and geographical profile is broad, but has Norway and its wide international context as a point of outset. Future books will be published in the Main Series digitally as open access, with the option for printed versions as well.

Members of the editorial board, appointed by the University of Bergen 1974-2016:

1974-1994: Asbjørn E. Herteig, Historisk Museum, UIB (Chief Editor), Anders Hagen, Historisk Museum, UIB, Knut Helle, Institute of History, UIB

1994-2016: Ingvild Øye, Bryggens Museum/AHKR UIB (Chief Editor), Ann Christensson, Riksantikvaren, Else Mundal, LLE, UIB, Anne Ågotnes, Bryggens Museum