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The Nordic Journal of Social Research (NJSR) is an English-language and open-access, net-based journal that disseminates scholarly investigation and debate related to social research in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. Centrally, this journal publishes both theoretical and empirical peer-reviewed articles that examine one of the Nordic countries or compare them, or offer comparisons of the Nordic countries with other parts of the world. Further, the NJSR aims to provide a broad selection of critical reviews on Nordic research on the social sciences and the chance for readers to submit their comments on the journal's content. The chief intention is to make use of the flexibility of the online medium in order both to facilitate a wider readership for Nordic research projects and to shorten significantly the normally lengthy period between the conclusion of a project and its publication, specifically by forgoing the publication of issues and by publishing articles individually as soon as they are ready.

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Volume 6

Dr Cecilie Thun's 'Inclusive and Women-friendly in a time of Diversity? The Scandinavian citizenship regime – the "childcare lesson"' is first article of the sixth volume of The Nordic Journal of Social Research.  
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Vol 6 (2015)

Table of Contents


Inclusive and Women-friendly in a time of Diversity? The Scandinavian citizenship regime – the ‘childcare lesson’ PDF
Cecilie Thun
(Re)assembling the ‘normal’ in neoliberal policy discourses: tracing gender regimes in the age of risk PDF
Katarina Giritli Nygren, Siv Fahlgren, Anders Johansson
Retaining older workers: the effect of phased retirement on delaying early retirement PDF
Åsmund Hermansen
‘Moderate universalism’ in China and the Nordic countries: reviewing the major challenges in unemployment protection PDF
Kristian Kongshøj
Relational social capital: Norwegian women’s experiences of the process of being on sick leave and the path back to work PDF
Liv Johanne Solheim
Inequality confirmed: institutional exclusion in the interaction between job-centre advisors and unemployed young people PDF
Ulla Rantakeisu, Kirsti Kuusela, Lis-Bodil Karlsson
What works? Flexibility as a Work-Participation Strategy for People with Addiction and Mental-Health Problems PDF
Gunnar Vold Hansen, Ragnhild Fugletveit, Petter A Arvesen
Exposure to smoking in films and smoking behaviour among Norwegian 15- to 20-year-olds: a cross-sectional study PDF
Gunnar Sæbø, Ingeborg Lund
From struggling to survive to a life based on values and choices: first-person experiences of participating in a Norwegian Housing First project PDF
Ellen Andvig, Jan Kåre Hummelvoll
Psychoeducation: perspectives from individuals on sick leave who are at risk of having a mental disorder PDF
Line Hille Højfeldt, Pernille Pedersen, Kirsten Schultz Petersen, Lars Peter Sønderbo Andersen

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