Vincent and the Rainforest

Global Conversations in Rural Melanesia


  • Rolf Erik Scott University of Bergen, Department of Social Anthropology and SOT-Film AS
  • Edvard Hviding University of Bergen, Department of Social Anthropology.



Solomon Islands, Marovo Lagoon, local knowledge, conversation, indigenous intellectuals, local perspectives versus NGOs, logging, rainforest, use of plant life, spirits, chiefdom versus "community"


The film presents a unique conversation between anthropologist Edvard Hviding and his long-term friend Vincent Vaguni, a community leader and sometime environmental activist from the remote village of Tamaneke in northern New Georgia, Solomon Islands. The film begins with a conversation at Vincent's home followed by a travel to the rainforest, where Vincent shows his knowledge regarding the use of plants and trees. The conversation gives insight into Vincent's "local" perspective on the issues of an outside world through descriptions of his career of cooperation and conflict with foreign actors (including Asian logging companies, Australian mining companies, and international environmental organizations such as the World Wide Fund for Nature). It also gives insight into the vast knowledge of the rainforest held by individuals like Vincent.

Vincent and his wife sitting




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Scott, R. E., & Hviding, E. (2023). Vincent and the Rainforest: Global Conversations in Rural Melanesia. Journal of Anthropological Films, 7(02).