Chasing Shadows




“Chasing Shadows” offers an intimate portrait of the current practice of the prophetic movement called Kyangyang in Guinea-Bissau. Kyangyang means “the shadows”, but its followers also call themselves “Children of God”. The members of the movement, belonging to the Balanta ethnic group, communicate with their ancestors, who transmit messages from the high God through prophetic writing, glossolalia, divination rituals, and spirit possession. Guided by the ancestors, they heal and give advice in collective ceremonies. This film delves into the creative and poetic world of Kyangyang by giving voice to its members, young and adults, men and women. It also explores the relations between Kyangyang and Balanta cosmology and between the prophetic movement and the two main "world religions" in the country: Islam and Christianity, in its Catholic and Evangelical modes. 

Original idea and Research: Ramon Sarró and Marina Temudo

Direction, camera and sound: Roger Canals

Editing: Jordi Orobitg

Production: University of Oxford and Jordi Orobitg Produccions

Author Biography

Roger Canals, University of Barcelona

Associate Professor at the Departmenbt of Social Anthropology of the University of Barcelona




How to Cite

Canals, R. (2021). Chasing Shadows. Journal of Anthropological Films, 5(02).