The Village Resists




film, indigenous, resistance, identity, decolonial, narrative


Being the second film of the We Must Be Dreaming trilogy, the film The Village Resists takes a deeper dive into how the Indigenous community of Rio de Janeiro served as the frontline of resistance against the economic pressure of the World Cup and Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2014 and 2016. In observational style, the film follows the daily struggles of the community against the approaching spectacles, suggesting how the decade of sports euphoria gradually brought back a not so distant colonial/dictatorial past to Brazil. Being the result of a collaboration with the Indigenous community of Rio de Janeiro since 2012, this film offers contact points with the film We Must Be Dreaming (BE, 2016, 61’), but can and is at best be seen as independent of it. 

Author Biography

David Bert Joris Dhert, independent researcher

David Bert Joris Dhert is a Belgian researcher, filmmaker and visual artist working in the field of ethnography. Graduated as economist, he started working with film and photography after graduation to visually study tensions between large multinational corporations and individuals and indigenous groups. Since 2010, he lives between Belgium and Brazil, where he mainly researches forms of indigenous resistance and urbanisation of indigenous identity.




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