Acta Theoretica Psychologica

Models and theories are the foundation of any scientific activity and discipline. This open-access electronic journal aims at providing a platform for theoretical papers in any field of psychology.

Submissions that present a model/theory or a revised/validated model/theory, and that confront the model/theory with the current state of empirical knowledge may be submitted to the Journal. Articles addressing the epistemological value of psychological models and theories (e.g. what is the nature of a model/theory in the psychological sciences, [how] can we validate these models/theories, etc.) are also welcome.

There is no submission fee and all published articles are freely available for everyone.

Editors in chief

Frank Larøi, University of Bergen and University of Liège (Founding Editor) -

Steve Majerus, University of Liège -

Reidar Lie, University of Bergen -